Why the name?

Desertski is short and catchy for Desert Sky, together it sounds like an ice cream flavor or a song, either way its likeable. As far for the more important factor of the name, in times of need for relaxation, peace, and inspiration, I would always drive out to the oasis desert area in El Paso/Santa Teresa. Over there, would cast the most amazing desert sunsets you would see. It's quiet, open, and peaceful. Watching these sunsets go down on every outing became important to me especially during times of stress and need of motivation. 

What's the production company about?

Acquired to make films and series that are awe-inspiring and engaging usually ending with a moral lesson on our current situations on life. Desertski Films is also aimed to get all their film awarded at festivals and recognized for their stories. 

What are you doing now? 

Working on a sci-fi film that could eventually become a series. There is a lot of preparation at this time and aiming to shoot from late May to early June. Desertski will release teasers very soon. Stay tuned.