What is Desertski Films?

Desertski Films is a production company focused on creating inspiring content with relevant social messages in fictional worlds. Founded in 2016 by writer, director, and producer Arturo Vargas, Desertski Films focuses on current social, political, and environmental issues across the narrative genres, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy, and drama, in both short and feature forms.

Given the ever changing social and cultural landscape, Desertski aims to develop and create content that captivates audiences by telling stories that inspire hope for a brighter future. Our goal is to focus on the impact of the human spirit in each of our projects, and to motivate audiences to view the world in a positive and imaginative light.

Gender equality and cultural diversity is a priority in every production by Desertski Films. Equal rights and representation for women and minorities is essential to best exemplify the world we want to live in.

Since it's founding, Desertski has been distinguished in film festivals throughout the world. Our films have screened at Cannes, Worldfest, Hollyshorts, and Irvine International, among others. Having won numerous awards for Best Science-Fiction Film, with distinctions in Direction, Cinematography, Original Score, and Sound Mixing. We look forward to growing in every area of the entertainment business.

What are you working on right now?

Right now we’ve wrapped post-production on our short film "Rescatado," a film about an immigrant child living in the U.S. who wishes to escape his abusive reality by bringing his favorite super hero to life. We’re now submitting to film festivals around the world hoping to screen at a theater near you. We also released our first comic book titled "Psychic Warriors: Rising," currently on Amazon and local comic book stores. We’ll be working on the sequel to “Rising” soon. Please check us out and stay updated on our Facebook page!

Behind the Name

Finally! I have my first own website. I must say, it feels pretty good to publish something with a domain name. I thought of doing this for a quite a while, ever since I developed a series as a kid called "Aliens vs. Bush" (I'll explain later). 

First off, when I started off thinking of names for the website I was in the Oasis Desert of Santa Teresa, New Mexico, which is about 10 minutes away from my house. I sat on top of my dad's car writing ideas for new stories on a notepad. I already knew for a fact I wanted to think of a name after the place.

Oasis Desert? Nah. Desert Sky? Nah. Desert Sunset? Nah. All those names were already taken in some form or another that meant the same thing. I had to come up with something unique and catchy.

Then I remembered, I'd often see a blue bird called a Scrub Jay in the area. Every time I saw one whether it was at the Oasis Desert or outside of my house in El Paso, my day after seeing the little bird would make it a whole lot better for some strange reason, yet, I embraced it. Then I came up with the name Scrubjay Pictures.

Unfortunately, when I first started the Facebook page within the second week of having the page up I was confronted by a humble individual who had his the name already established on his site. Therefore, I quickly came up with another name at it became Desertski.

It was always another name I had in mind when I came up with Scrubjay however it was only a made up thing I created. But made up created things can always be a good thing, right?

Thus Desertski Films was born. 

On my next blog post I'll talk about films I did in the past up to now. 

-Arturo Vargas